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Save time by giving your
brand protection clear direction

Brand Beacon is a new way of efficiently
managing intellectual property rights online.

  • All IP in the one place
  • Organise rights and infringements
  • Track actions and progress
  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • No more triple-handling
  • Plan expansion abroad
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A brand's guiding light online

Navigate a brand's intellectual property rights management lifecycle with no fuss
from registration to enforcement and prosecution and all that's inbetween.

IP Register

Organise, keep track of and seamlessly update the information about registered trade marks, domains, business names and other types of intellectual property rights

Threat centre

Input and categorise potential infringements once identified by your third-party brand monitoring data provider


Automatically generate reports to notify stakeholders as soon as infringements are identified and keep them in the loop as the matter progresses

Action items

Set action items to deal with potential infringements and actively track progress to see them through

Why people love Brand Beacon

Modern and responsive interface

Unlike its competitors, Brand Beacon doesn't feel like you're using Windows 98, so you can spend less time dealing with a clunky interface and more time getting work done

Don’t get bogged
down in the detail

Sift through the infringements identified by brand monitoring providers, assign the risk they pose and organise them to be actioned with zero fuss

Methodical approach
to IP enforcement

Take different approaches to intellectual property enforcement depending on the risk each infringement threat poses and keep track of the approaches you take

All IP rights and
infringements in the one place

Never scramble to find which IP rights have been registered/infringed, or to check that your Excel/Word document is the latest version, ever again

No more

Create reports with one click to keep stakeholders in the loop, rather than copying data into emails and Excel/Word docs and checking whether all information is correct

Plan expansion
in new countries

Organise the infringement threats based on the relevant jurisdictions to assess any conflicting brands in countries where expansion is planned

Stop letting your brand protection efforts be misguided

Give them clear direction today

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